Vol 12 (2016)

Table of Contents


A Critical Analysis on Women Participation in Modern-Day Indian Politics  | 
Amit Kumar, Somesh Dhamija, Aruna Dhamija 1-8
Total views: 183
An Empirical Study of the Feasibility of Introducing the Mumbai Dabbawala Food Delivery System in Bangalore  | 
Venkatesh Ganapathy, Padma Mahadevan, J. V. Ravikeerthi 9-22
Total views: 234
Title of the Research Article:Talent Management Issues of Pharmaceutical Companies  | 
Geeta Shree Roy, V. Rama Devi 23-28
Total views: 166
Restricting the Attrition with Emotional Intelligence in Defence Services (With Reference to Indian Air Force)  | 
Nidhi Pandey, Ashish Pandey 29-37
Total views: 166
Vijay Mallya – An Astute Businessman?  | 
Wallace Jacob 39-41
Total views: 171
Mapping the Potential Impact of Brexit on Indian Economy  | 
Sana Moid 42-47
Total views: 221
Social Armed Forces:A Comparative Analysis of the Popularity of Two US Flight Demonstration Teams on Facebook  | 
Ekanto Ghosh, Sumati Sidharth, Sudeeptho Ghosh 48-53
Total views: 159
Regional Trade Barriers in South Asia:SAARC Lagging behind ASEAN  | 
Nikita Singla 54-61
Total views: 155
The Lost Belonging  | 
Seema Wali 63-65
Total views: 139
Analysis of Delays Due to Waiting Lines in Healthcare Delivery for Sustainability  | 
Prema Mahale, B. B. Deshmukh 66-71
Total views: 157
Helicopter Money:A Conceptual Insight  | 
Dhiraj Jain, Romni Kondeti 72-79
Total views: 164
A Study on Factors Effecting the Satisfaction Level of Mutual Funds Investors in Jaipur City  | 
Nishu Gupta, Arpita Sharma 80-84
Total views: 180
A Study on Measuring the Effectiveness of Human Resources in Organizations  | 
Deepika Pandita, Nancy Mahato 85-93
Total views: 186