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Advertisements’ Influence and Antecedents of Purchase Intention towards FMCG Products in Chennai City - A Study


  • Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, Sri Sai Ram Institute of Management Studies, Chennai, India
  • Sri Sai Ram Institute of Management Studies, Chennai, India


In today's massive influx of product availability, advertisements have become analogous to enhance the purchase intention of a potential buyer. Also advertising is a potent vehicle which creates tremendous impact in customers' mind and sentiments that quench their thrust of the products. This study aims to consider the roles of individual perception on attitude towards advertisements and brands and also its relationship with corporate credibility which yields in Purchase Intention. The study has been conducted among people of various walks of life to access the significance of Purchase intention with that of corporate credibility, attitude towards brand and advertisements.


Advertisement Influence, Brand Image, Consumer Attitude, Corporate Credibility, FMCG Products, Purchase Intention.

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