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The Lost Belonging


  • Amity Business School, Amity University, Lucknow, India


Reema and Sangeeta were close friends who have done their graduation from Christian College, Agra. Reema worked as Assistant Professor at FIT University, Mysore and Sangeeta was working as Associate Professor at Rio de Grande University, USA. Every year during her visit to Agra, plan was made for university visit, it somehow did not happened. This time on Sangeeta's visit, Reema and her husband Neraj went to Bera Moda store to meet Sangeeta who was waiting for them. They had a great reunion at the store. It was around 9 pm and the store employees have started wrapping the store .They also decided to exit at this time. To her surprise, guard gave her the wrong bag. He did not find her bag in the rack. This made her irritated; she approached the Sales Manager of the store. Sales Manager ruffled the guard, inquired about the belonging but could not find the bag. The Store Manager was called, as Sangeeta was adamant to meet the senior and not to leave the store without any complimentary item to reckon. The Store Manager asked about the invoice of the belonging in the bag, Sangeeta was not carrying any invoice at that time. The Store Manager kept on arguing that he cannot help her since she was not having the receipt of the belonging. The case will unfold the arguments between the store employees and Sangeeta viewpoints.


Collateral Damage, Corporate Negligence, Ethical Dilemma, Ethics.

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